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Real Estate

Real Estate

The property department is an operational support function whose overall goal and mission are to deliver effective and efficient business premises with workplace-based facility management services to our tenants.


Property Department

The property department is responsible for the municipality’s business properties such as schools, preschools, care and care facilities, as well as cultural and leisure facilities. Responsibility includes management, assignment, and development of the property portfolio.

Its own property portfolio comprises over 300 items with a local area of approximately 250,000 square meters at a book value of 1.4 billion.

The property department is also responsible for the municipality’s rental rights to business premises, which includes another hundred objects.

Operations, supervision, and maintenance of our properties are outsourced to Roslagens energy & driftteknik AB. Peab Drift & Maintenance AB manage the outdoor environment.

Green Landscaping AB manages snow removal and anti-slip control.
Are you a social and technical problem solver? Then the target property of the plumbing and real estate program can be something for you.
The focus will provide you with in-depth knowledge of building systems in energy-engineering facilities as well as on functions of systems and associated components and the technical documentation used in the profession. It will also provide in-depth knowledge of service, operation, and maintenance, as well as outdoor and indoor environments. The focus will provide in-depth learning to communicate with clients and customers in different housing environments.

The education also focuses on how to handle service, operation, and maintenance in the best possible way, both energy-efficient, and longevity. You will also learn to communicate with clients and customers in different types of real estate.

During your education, you will also be out on a company and practice your profession, called APL (workplace-based learning).
After high school, you are qualified for the university college but can also start working directly if you wish. Through your individual choices, you have the opportunity to gain university access instantly to the program.