NCP North Cyprus Property Estates


Property Manager is responsible for the internal and external management of the property. Work tasks vary between different companies, but stair cleaning, care of green areas, discounts, hedges and trees often occur. Snow removal, graveling, and sanding in winter, as well as gravel pickup in the spring, are also included in the property manager’s duties. Even the environmental issues often fall under the responsibility of the property owner. In this job, it is essential to enjoy outdoor physical work in all weather.

To be responsible for the external environment means, in addition to daily care, also to see where improvements need to be made. For example, choosing other plants that are more easy-to-handle or have a way of planting that requires less cutting. The work also varies with the size of the company where you work. A property manager at a large property company often has more clean tasks and can, for example, only be responsible for the external environment, while other persons handle stairs and repairs. A smaller company, however, seldom has financial resources to have all occupational categories of employees. There, a property manager, in addition to being responsible for the external and internal environment, can also undertake repairs and operation of the properties to a certain extent. Then more demands are placed on versatility with the property manager. The property manager’s job also includes using machines of various kinds. This applies to everything from lawn mowers to tractors.

As a property trainer employed “in the municipality,” you will be responsible for municipalities such as schools, group housing, swimming pools and sports facilities.


Property managers have varied backgrounds with experience from occupations within construction, electricity, plumbing or any craft industry. In addition to the skills, an employer has a significant impact on personal qualities. Especially for property values, it is essential that you enjoy having many contacts with other people.


The skills requirements for property managers have increased over the past decade, which meant that property managers without sufficient experience and education have difficulty getting the vacant jobs. However, prospects may be brighter for people with the required skills.