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Building Techniques

Property managers, real estate engineers, and real estate hosts can be employed by housing companies, or companies that, in turn, sell services to housing companies.

Property technicians are responsible for the operation, maintenance, and maintenance of real estate technical systems. Examples of overall tasks that are often included in the work:

Reliable heating and ventilation systems

  • Handle heat exchanger for district heating, heat pumps, fans and other technical equipment.
  • Modern properties have advanced computer-controlled methods to make the indoor climate comfortable while maintaining energy consumption as low as possible. To handle these systems, knowledge of control and control technology is required, how the operations are to be kept, adjusted and repaired.

Operational technicians are another familiar professional title for those who work with this type of work. The job also includes controlling insufficient insufficiency and monitoring to avoid unexpectedly high energy consumption. Troubleshooting is often part of the job.

As a property technician employed “on the municipality”, you serve the municipality’s properties, such as schools, group housing, swimming pools and sports facilities.


Property managers who are often also called local managers, manage the management of buildings and associated land areas. They plan maintenance for example repairs of various types and may also be responsible for the property’s economy. The work includes contacting tenants, operating staff and contractors. Property managers may look very different depending on the type of property they are responsible for and on the property size. They may be specialized in some areas of property management or have overall responsibility.


The property manager’s functions can be divided into two main groups: technical management and financial management. Professional control means planning and accountability for repairs and maintenance, construction procurement, plant maintenance, heating, cleaning, and gardening. Technical property managers are often supervisors for operating personnel, such as property managers, who perform the various practical tasks.

Financial management means responsibility for budget and budget monitoring. Economic property managers negotiate local rents and enter rental contracts. They can also be responsible for accounting and tax issues and more. It is an advantage if you are interested and skilled in engineering, economics, and management.

As a manager, you often also have staff responsibility for their “upper team” with a few (usually up to 10). Fraction Managers lead and distribute work and participate in their district management team.


Depending on the type of duties and degree of responsibility, different skills are required. Given that the tasks are continually expanding and becoming more demanding, it may be appropriate for a college degree in engineering or economics, preferably in combination. Proper courses can also be found at Vocational College, read more at Vocational College. For professional property managers, educational materials are provided by the Association of Real Estate Employers.


The skills requirements are rising not least because of new technology for operation and management. With proper knowledge of economics, law, and technology, and interest in control, the opportunities to get jobs are increasing.